Local-local, and how neat is your own backyard!

The irresistible scent coming from your favorite restaurant, the sounds of your friend’s children playing, and the easy walk to the post office to mail a real birthday card to your best friend, are all right here, all around you. This is so much better than an evite that might get lost in the spam or cluttered inbox. Conversing with the neighbor behind the counter is still a stand up tradition. Is the local buzz present in your life?

Sure, you can save a buck by spending online. Send the order off to Cleveland or some make believe American company in India. PayPal can process your request, and a drone may drop something at your doorstep – another impersonal generic accomplishment.

Big deal, you got it cheaper and maybe faster, but did you help out locally? Did you help yourself or your neighbor to keep the doors open, the smells and sounds still happening? Did you really support yourself by choosing online, rather than shopping around the corner?

Local means you are an active player in your own community! Local keeps the climate buzzing – and things around us alive!

Look around and see the rich offerings of anything you might need or desire – here all in your own back yard.

adessomedia is committed to the local vendors and production people in any area we work in. We have quality people we depend on, and they depend on us, and it’s at our fingertips close.

Local-local means we care, it means we understand, and it means we want to help keep the buzz alive and have a genuine conversation.

Next time you are deciding on a service, a commodity – look locally, and feel really good about it. It makes for a richer backyard for all.

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