Print Media

Is Print Media dead, dying, or in need of life support?

Kindle. The Nook, the iPad, and the latest iPhone – all deliver the text, the pics, and the instant gratification you’re seeking.

Sure, it’s the ultra-modern age with the world in the palm of your hand, as your device will guide you any which way your heart desires.

You might be seeking a dream wedding in Newport, searching for the best room at the cheapest price in the big city, ordering still another blue shirt from that virtual haberdashery, making that dinner reserve at the hottest new eatery, or still wanting another handier device that’s sleeker, prettier, quicker, still quicker.

What’s happened to real print media? Is it old-fashion? Has it become outdated and replaced by small portable gadgets? What’s happened to real tangible hard-core books, brochures and catalogues? Are they destined to be relics of the past and suitable only for weekend yard sales?

Having access to both makes for a perfect world. Never will one shoe fit all. We need choices for sure, because you like your martini most dry, while your partner still prefers ice to accompany the bourbon with a splash.

So what’s missing in the glassy views that the printed page was meant to bear? Honestly, quite a lot.

Paper brings you closest to the real experience. It smells like ink, which ain’t bad. It feels like something far sexier that a cold finger smudged glass surface. Paper takes you so much closer, yes closer to the author’s words and process. You can be closer still to imagining yourself there, on the beach, enjoying the entrée, and seeing yourself in the Armani suit or holding that sleek Nicole Miller bag, in tactile print rather than a cold generic reflective surface.

The brochure becomes your real guide, your picturebook of choices to reaffirm your confidence made earlier online. It is more real, not some virtual made up thing with electrical razzmataz.

No, print media is hardly dead, maybe not the rave, but it is lasting if you like, can even become a rare collectible, and requires no electricity, or continuous upgrades to Adobe. ($$$)

And it’s very pretty – that pile of books, catalogues, brochures, guides on the other side of the room in that real wood bookcase. Hold on to that paper-glued bound or saddle stitched. It’s more real than we know.

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