Feet – when was the last time we said thank you?

On photographing feet – most important body parts.

I have been thinking a lot about feet, especially as I get older and the pangs of soreness rise up from below. I look down and think about which colors of sock might be best this day to wrap my weary feet? I whisper a quick thanks to my humble servants, who have asked so little in return of me all these years.

I have been asked to photograph feet on a couple of occasions, and I have risen to the task upon my own two precious supports. They have carried me so many miles upon miles through the thin and the thick: marathons, rocky plains, jungles, and old Roman streets, enabling me to point my camera whenever I chose.

Making photographs of this client’s injured feet prompted me to recall my teacher, Aaron Siskind’s mammoth foot sculptures. I fancied myself as if working in Siskind’s traditions of standing in his shoes in making such pictures. Sure, I was kidding myself. The client needed the insurance money, and I wanted to get paid. I knew I would not be exhibiting these feet pics anytime soon.

But I am grateful that my own feet have carried me to get the work done, all of it. Now, I’ll put them up, kick back with a good old Campari one more time as I say:
 “Grazie piedi miei!” They have never let me down.

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