$999 Special

Displaced by a scone and coffee to go, leads to forgotten buried treasure.

A “new”-old portfolio with 12 prints offered at $999.

The BeeHive Café has been pushing me, enticing me, tempting me, and fattening me up for the past seven years as my persistent neighbor. And now they have removed me from the premises of 8 Franklin St., my faithful Bristol studio since 2002.

But who can fight the laws of supply and demand? The ever-growing popularity of that eatery next door, has expanded with increasing lines out-of-the-door, and finally extricated me from the building. Of course more than scones have been involved in this procedure. I know first hand, or first belly, I should say.

So I packed it in and moved. What choice did I have to stand in the way of watering mouths and empty bellies? My man Wes and I did some heavy lifting in a rented van and box truck. Johnny Scott’s skills and Steve C’s muscles made the move relatively painless, in shifting old print cabinets and file draws, toward a whole block south to trusty old Bradford Street. Number 30 Bradford was to become my new home. At last I would get to hang my old tool collection that the girls made me remove from the walls at Oggi headquarters on the other side of me at 4 Franklin.

Wait, what are all those old portfolio boxes now revealed from the bowels of the studio? A bit of dust on top showed the last of my old first portfolio, my greatest hits from the ’70s, Ten Years: Twelve Images, published in 1981. I knew there were still a couple left, maybe twelve in all? The planned edition was 100 copies in all, just 100 for the whole planet. All matted real silver-gelatin selenium toned nearly forgotten babies: two nudes in a bathtub, a still life with a bottle, the oldest Roman woman, and more – especially with graceful Charis portrayed with her two grandsons sans shirts – how shocking! Holy mackerel, my first boxed sets, the linen wrapped boxes still pristine from being protected in plastic since 1981.

33.John Brown House

Now I remember how this portfolio moved nicely back then at $1,800 for the set of twelve classic images of mine. Here’s an idea now, how about a first ever buried treasure sale for me? Never done before, not by me anyway.

Now for a limited time only said the hawky guy, you can own this classic portfolio for just $999, signed and sealed. Just a few boxes remain for the lucky few to get in touch – real fast!

What the heck, who can refuse a bargain?? The bathtub print alone sells for $1,200 now, and this with 11 more for just $999. Who can resist? I may buy some myself.

Call the studio at 401.253.2351 to be first in line, heck, we’ll even throw in a day old scone wrapped carefully of course with a BeeHive label – the culprits. $999, while they last! Maybe an offer you can’t refuse.

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