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Get Magazine / March 3, 2013 / Article By: Kai Lumuscio
Get Magazine covewr
“Stephan Brigidi explores the power and the mystery of this dark emotion through brilliant color and vivid stories in his forthcoming book, “Afraid of The Dark – A Venetian Story”. The creation of this unusual piece lies at the intersection of the authors’ family history and the journey he has taken throughout the years to understand that history through his own experiences…” (Read The Mysterious and the Fabulous interview on Get Magazine)

[Brigidi’s image from his most famous portfolio, Carnevale was the cover image for the March 2013 edition]



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Huffington Post / April 18, 2013 / Article By: Evelyn Politanoff
Afraid of the Dark, A Venetian Story is a book project containing Stephan Brigidi’s photographs and stories based upon his many sojourns to Venice, and will include his prominent Carnevale series.

Afraid of the Dark speaks of Brigidi’s personal spiritual quest propelled by some discovered family mystery with ties to the freemason secret society known as P2. The book is about coming to terms with darkness and fear, exploring those sensations, and accessing the powers of fear…” (Read more on Huffington Post)

(Also read this article on Trouvaillesdujour – the latest on art, photography, fashion and more from all over the globe)

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Bristol-Warren Patch / May 7, 2013 / Article By: Joseph Hutnak
“Building on the success of its first year in 2012, ART Night returns tonight with its first tour of four local galleries, starting at 5 pm.

“We had an amazing first year,” ART Night committee chair Stephan Brigidi explained in a recent email. “We won a Governor’s Tourism Award and we were named ‘Best of’ in Rhode Island Monthly. The event attracted 10,000 visitors, 53 percent of whom traveled from out-of-state to see ART Night.”…” (Read more on the Bristol-Warren Patch)

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Alison Beste MFA Blog / May 31, 2013 / Blogger: Alison Beste

“I’m looking forward to checking out this exhibition tomorrow as it may have some ties to my current research. Hawaii: The Mythic Landscape by Stephan Brigidi” (Read the rest of Beste’s post here)

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